Meet Sad Mad Glad's mascot, Monty, the Python.

Longtime friends, they joined forces in 2007 to create Four Dolphins Press. Their independent publishing house produces inspirational books, games, and products that are designed to awaken the greatness that lies within us all.

Take four minutes to learn more about Chuck and Jim's Sad Mad Glad world!  You need to have Windows Media Player installed on your computer to watch the video.  Click here to access a link for a free WMP download.


chuck stump


Chuck Stump is founder of The Performance Group in Hurricane, West Virginia. As a professional speaker with over 20 years of experience, he has traveled the country since 1995 sharing inspirational messages on Peak Performance, Leadership and Organizational Development with thousands. See article from Charleston Gazette. 

jim strawn


Jim Strawn is Director of Marketing and Community Education with Highland Hospital. A very familiar personality throughout the state of West Virginia, Jim also uses his caring and unselfish nature to lead and support no less than fifteen non-profit organizations.